USC Media Arts + Practice Ph.D. Program

Media Portfolio

Ah - A Beautiful Thing Has Passed, 2016

Video and audio component of archival-based site specific installation. Projection on translucent screen. The the video is composed of processed audio recordings of a letter to create an visual-aural landscape. [installation images + excerpt 2min 10s] 

Video 9min 27s - link to full video

You are Obsolete, 2015 

Video essay portrays the Port of Los Angeles automated terminal as a negotiation of new landscapes. Machines operate and signal the arrival of a new topography, a new subject, and a new social contract [excerpt 2min 24s]

Video 8min 34s - link to full video

Holding Boulders, 2015

Designed exhibition and performance stage for Thousand Points of Light residency and PMOMA's Outside Museum homage. Joshua Tree, California.

Burlap, jute twine, boulders

Posthuman Piñata, 2016

This kinetic sculpture deals with the concept of a 'philosophical toy' by creating a piñata that auto-destructs. Group show - CalArts Integrated Media department. 

Polyethylene sheets, 9V motor, faux leather, stone