UCSD PhD Art History, Theory and Criticism with a concentration in Art Practice



PORT CAPa (fall 2017)

this piece is a site-responsive installation that raises questions about the politics of 21st century versions of industrial automation. located at angels gate cultural center, site of a deep-rooted landscape of militarization, one that overlooks the port of los angeles, it incorporates media installation objects, choreography, and the reactivation of the layers of a landscape. part of pst la/la, an initiative of the getty. click here to see more.

point fuga (Spring 2017)

this workshop, presented as part of my thesis project in the MA in aesthetics and politics, stems from movement and visual elements at the port of los angeles. more specifically, the choreography references automatic straddle carriers that inhabit an automated berth. this piece was designed and produced in tandem with the written element of the thesis project. click here to watch a longer excerpt of point fuga, and here to watch the video outline to the thesis.


apperception (2017)

this installation accompanies port capa. the sculpture integrates video from field research at the port of los angeles and contrasts analog port technology with the advent of automation. 

ceramic clay, wood, aluminum, bamboo, vynil, and video (5min)

ah - beautiful thing (2016)

video and audio component of archival-based site specific installation. the projection element is composed of processed audio recordings of a letter to recreate a visual-aural landscape via the reactivation of the calarts archives.

zine, found letter and negatives, bathing suits, video (9min, 27s)


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